giovedì 11 aprile 2013

I believe. I would.

I believe in dialogue.
I would like your dialogue.
I believe in the intensive exchange.
I would like an intensive exchange.
I believe in the questions.
I might have some questions.
I believe in listening.
I would like to listen to you.
I think it's worth a try.
I wish that for you it was worth a try.
I believe in curiosity.
I would like your curiosity.
I believe in the desire to know.
I would like to know your desire.
I believe in the word you say.
I want your word.
I believe in the passion that drives the choices.
I would like your passion.
I believe that tomorrow will come.
I would like to be your tomorrow.
I think you deserve it.
I wish your merit.
I believe in the night occupied by your thinking.
I would like your night occupied by my thoughts.

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